[Engadget] NHK and Mitsubishi develop the first H.265 encoder for 8K video~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 10, 2013 at 03:31AM

NHK and Mitsubishi develop the first H265 encoder for 8K video

NHK’s 8K Super Hi-Vision is an extremely bandwidth-heavy format — so much so that earlier tests used gigabit-class internet links rather than traditional TV broadcasting methods. Thankfully, both the broadcaster and Mitsubishi have developed an encoder that could keep data rates down to Earth. The unassuming metal box (above) is the first to squeeze 8K video into the extra-dense H.265 (HEVC) format, cutting the bandwidth usage in half versus H.264. Its parallel processing is quick enough to encode video in real time, too, which should please NHK and other networks producing live TV. We’ll still need faster-than-usual connections (and gigantic TVs) to make 8K an everyday reality, but that goal should now be more realistic.

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Source: NHK (translated)

Reference source: Engadget


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