[Engadget] Fusion-io’s CEO and co-founder step down, new leadership looks to increase growth~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 09, 2013 at 01:07AM

Fusionio's CEO and cofounder step down, new leadership looks to increase growth

Times are a-changin’ for Salt Lake City-based Fusion-io, as the company’s CEO David Flynn has resigned alongside co-founder and CMO Rick White. It seems that both are stepping away in order to “pursue entrepreneurial investing activities,” leaving the act of running one of the world’s leading flash storage makers for Mr. Shane Robison. Effective immediately, Robison will be knighted chairman, chief executive officer and president, offering up over 30 years of experience in prior roles for AT&T, Cadence Design Systems, HP and Apple.

The outfit’s stock price hasn’t fared so well in the shuffle, and it seems that it’s once again battling murmurs that a sale could be on the horizon. Combating that sentiment, Robison was quoted by Bloomberg as saying that a sale “is not my focus.” Rather, he’s hoping to “grow the company and build on what [it] has.” Here’s hoping it all pans out — the world most certainly doesn’t need one less company fighting for the death of the conventional hard drive.

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