[Engadget] Flipboard brings magazine curation to Android, gains web tools~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 09, 2013 at 10:00PM

Flipboard brings magazine curation to Android, gains web tools

If you’re a Flipboard user, you’ll recall that the app was recently updated to let you create your own magazines. Unfortunately, this functionality was limited to the iOS version. This changes today, as Flipboard brings magazine curation to Android. Creating a magazine is simple: just tap the plus button visible on each article inside the app or use the bookmarklet when surfing the web. This gives you a personalized way to collect posts, images and videos and share your ideas on Flipboard and beyond.

The new Android version introduces some unique features. You’re able to “flip” content into your magazines using the share button built-into many Android apps. In addition to the existing social network integration, Flipboard now includes a share button of its own on magazine covers — this allows you to share magazines via SMS, email or on Pinterest. The app also makes it easier to create a new Flipboard accounts by supporting Facebook’s Single Sign-on.

Along with the updated Android version, Flipboard’s rolling out a web-based Editor to help users manage magazines. This collection of web tool lets you reorder or delete content, rearrange magazines and check how often others have shared items in your magazines. Finally, the Financial Times is now available on Flipboard — you’ll even be able to read premium content by logging into your Financial Times account right within the app. Take a look at the gallery below and hit the break for the PR.

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Source: Play Store, Flipboard Editor

Reference source: Engadget


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