[Engadget] Keepin’ it real fake: China’s Codoon SmartBand pays homage to Jawbone Up~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 08, 2013 at 10:51PM

Keepin' it real fake Codoon SmartBand

Viewing it from afar, you could easily mistake this gadget for Jawbone’s Up fitness band. What we have here is actually the SmartBand from Chinese fitness accessories maker Codoon, and it’s almost a carbon copy of the Up in terms appearance and functionality. Bend this strip around your wrist to track your movement and sleeping patterns (with the ability to wake you up with vibration at the optimal sleeping cycle; just like the Up), and afterwards, plug the hidden 3.5mm headphone jack into either an iPhone or an Android device for analysis and sharing through Codoon’s website.

After we reached out to Baidu regarding the Baidu Cloud logo on the SmartBand, a spokesperson told us that it’s the first wearable developed on top of Baidu’s PCS (Personal Cloud Service) to sync and share data, and Codoon’s upcoming Bluetooth fitness products will work on the same platform (the same goes with the Baidu Eye project). Still, it’s a real shame that the startup couldn’t come up with its very own design for its first hero product. Expect this rip-off to hit the market in early June for an unknown price — but you can already get an Up in China, anyway.

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Via: Engadget China, TechCrunch, Tencent Tech

Source: Codoon (Chinese)

Reference source: Engadget


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