[Engadget] SpiderOak unveils Hive, a streamlined file service with ‘100-percent’ privacy~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 07, 2013 at 09:00PM

DNP EMBARGO  SpiderOak announces Hive, a streamlined, privac

A new cloud-based file system from SpiderOak looks to challenge the likes of Dropbox with a bigger emphasis on privacy. Those familiar with SpiderOak know that the company has been offering a “100-percent private” file environment for some time; the company can’t view any information about the files you upload, whereas other file-sharing sites can access users’ data. The just-announced service, dubbed Hive, merges that encryption cred with a simplified interface. Hive utilizes one main folder for dragging and dropping files, and it automatically syncs data across your devices. Files, meanwhile, can be shared with friends or colleagues as links.

The latest update to the SpiderOak mobile app integrates with Hive to let you manage and view data; the Android version will leave beta on May 13th. As Hive is connected to the company’s broader file service, it follows the same pricing plan: 2GB free or 100GB for $10 a month. For a limited time, though, new users can get 5GB when they sign up and download the app. Click through to the source link for more info.

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