[Engadget] Sony VAIO Fit 15 review (2013): Sony’s mainstream notebooks get a makeover~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 07, 2013 at 08:00PM

Sony VAIO Fit 15 review (2013): Sony's mainstream notebooks get a makeover

And it begins: back-to-school season. Even though some students are still embroiled in finals, and even though Intel has yet to formally launch Haswell, the next few weeks will see multiple PC makers unveiling their summer lineups. First up: Sony. The company just introduced some new mainstream notebooks, dubbed the “Fit” family. These laptops, which replace the current E series and most of the T line, include the lower-end Fit 14E / Fit 15E, which are made of plastic, and the Fit 14 / Fit 15, which step up to a thinner aluminum chassis and optional SSDs. Either way, Sony is standardizing on certain specs across its entire summer lineup, including 1080p displays, backlit keyboards, NFC and Exmor R webcams for better low-light images. We’ve just spent a week testing the Fit 15, which will be available later this month for $700 and up. (The rest of the Fit line starts as low as $550.) Head past the break to see if it’s worth a closer look once it hits store shelves.

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