[Engadget] Denon releases AVR-X4000 AV receiver with AirPlay, Spotify and 4K video~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 06, 2013 at 06:27PM

Denon releases AVRX4000 AV receiver with 4K, AirPlay, Spotify and 92 surround

Denon‘s just added to its lineup of network-capable AV receivers with new IN-command models that bring 4K, streaming and surround sound options aplenty. The flagship model is the $1,300 AVR-X4000, which supports 4K passthrough for the few lucky owners of such sets, along with HDTV to 4K upscaling, Spotify, AirPlay and DNLA 1.5. Other features include 7.2 surround sound output with Audyssey DSX, Dolby Pro Logic IIz or DTS Neo:X encoding, 125 watts of power per channel, seven HDMI inputs and three outputs, a remote control app for iOS, Android or web browsers, home automation compatibility, multi-room control and MP3 audio restoration. The $900 AVR-X3000 and $650 AVR-X2000 pack similar features but dial back the watts, surround sound and decoding capability, while the $450 AVR-X1000 is limited to 1080p output and carries the smallest amp. All the models are now up for grabs, while the copious list of specs can be found at the source.

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Via: HDTV Space

Source: Denon

Reference source: Engadget


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