[Engadget] Editor’s Letter: Welcome to May~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 04, 2013 at 04:30AM

In each issue of Distro, editor-in-chief Tim Stevens publishes a wrap-up of the week in news.

DNP Editor's Letter Welcome to May

A bit of a lull this week ahead of what is shaping up to be an insane May — and perhaps an even crazier June. We have events stacked three-deep at times, with industry ones like Google I/O, BlackBerry World, CTIA and SID Display Week looming along with private ones like Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox unveiling. Next month? WWDC and the Electronic Entertainment Expo, just to name a few. Giddyup.

This week, we got what should be the final dredges of first-quarter earnings, with Facebook reporting $1.46 billion in revenue. That’s a 38 percent increase over this quarter last year and a healthy $312 million in profit. Daily active users are also up, from 526 million to 665 million and, perhaps most importantly, Facebook managed to increase the performance of its mobile ads. That will be the key to its long-term success.

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Reference source: Engadget


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