[Engadget] Hoptroff’s atomic pocket watch is the ultimate rich guy accessory~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: May 01, 2013 at 09:43PM

Hoptroff's atomic pocket watch is the ultimate rich guy accessory

So, you’ve made a fortune, bought a sports team, own a spaceship and drive a neon pink Batmobile. If you were worrying that there were no more extravagant purchases to be made, you were wrong. Luxury timepiece maker Hoptroff has just teased details of its latest method of parting you from your money — a pocket watch with its own atomic clock. Rather than your average radio-recieving watch, the Hoptroff No. 10 will apparently contain a Symmetricom caesium gas chamber (pictured after the break), developed in partnership with the Department of Defense. The watch will be available in November and, if you get lost at sea with just a sextant, will double as a marine navigation device. Priced at £50,000 ($78,000), only twelve are to be produced, which you’ll be able to buy provided you can pass the security checks necessary to carry “sensitive materials.”

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