[Engadget] LeapFrog’s LeapReader pen teaches reading and writing, on sale in July for $50~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: April 30, 2013 at 06:00PM

LeapFrog's LeapReader pen teaches reading and writing, on sale in July for $50

With its latest device, LeapFrog’s continuing to fight the good fight: teaching kids essential skills through the power of consumer electronics. LeapReader’s a sort of spiritual successor to the company’s Tag line, maintaining the reading tool’s pen-like form factor, while adding writing to the equation. The device continues to read out words and sentences, adding in the ability to trace letters and write them out on its special paper. LeapReader encourages kids to trace the lines of letters and then try things on their own, after a couple of goes. The pen’s got enough space to hold 40 books or 175 song, which can be played through an on-board speaker or via a headphone jack on top — and you can also play books purchased for your Tag device.

Interested parties will be able to pre-order the $50 LeapReader on June 12th. It’ll be hitting retail locations and LeapFrog’s site early the following month, with a few months to spare before back to school rolls around. The pen’s targeted toward kids aged four to eight (and, thankfully, is designed to only write on designated books) and will come in pink and green. Check out a demo video of the device after the break.

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