[Engadget] How the HTC One’s back cover pops off, China style~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: April 26, 2013 at 12:54PM

HTC One launched in China, shows off

When we first reported on the leaked image of China Unicom’s HTC One with its back cover off, some questioned its authenticity since the phone touts its unibody design in other parts of the world. Well, as we found out at HTC’s Beijing launch event on Wednesday, the Chinese variants (802w, 802t and 802d; ¥4,888 or about $790 for 32GB) do indeed have a removable cover for access to their dual SIM slots and microSD slot. But the question is: how does that piece of metal come off? It’s simple: the usual micro-SIM tray at the top left side of the phone is replaced by a latch release (close-up shot after the break), and pushing it up would pop the cover open, as pictured above.

While this may technically not qualify for the “unibody” moniker, HTC’s Vice President of China Lin Zurong told us that the removable cover and its accompanying parts at the top and bottom are cut out from the same piece of aluminum; so if you mix and match covers across two Ones of the same color, the fit or texture may not feel “right.” Other than that, the Chinese One feels and looks very much the same as its foreign counterpart.

And finally, we asked whether the much anticipated red HTC One will be sold in China, to which a representative replied this was originally designed with other regions — namely Japan — in mind, so there’s no confirmation as to whether China will get it just yet. Come to think of it, wouldn’t the red HTC One be a nice fit for Verizon?

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Source: Engadget China, HTC China

Reference source: Engadget


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