[Engadget] Fujifilm’s Finepix JZ700 compact shoots for speed with 8 fps burst, 200 fps video~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: April 26, 2013 at 05:07PM

Fujifilm's JZ700 compact camera goes for performance with 8 fps shooting, 1080P video

Camera makers seem to be scrambling to equip their compact models with wireless options, all the better to work with the smartphones that are trying to replace them. Fujifilm‘s taking a different tack with the 14-megapixel FinePix JZ700 by going for raw performance instead, like 8fps burst shooting and 1080/30p video, both quite rare in low-end compacts. You’ll also get an 8x Fujinon lens equivalent to 24-192mm, OIS optical stabilization, a 2.7-inch, 230K-dot LCD, 3200 ISO sensitivity, numerous filters and, interestingly, 200 fps video capture — though the resolution at that speed isn’t specified, and we can imagine it’s pretty low. Still, the camera’s already hit the streets for around £130 ($200), and we don’t know of any other near time-stopping cameras you can grab for that sum.

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Reference source: Engadget


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