[Engadget] Akamai: DDoS attacks tripled year-over-year in 2012, China ranks as biggest offender~Reviews~Evaluation

Engadget post time: April 23, 2013 at 11:02PM

Akamai China accounts for 41percent of cybersecurity attacks in Q4 2012, South Korea the clear winner in highspeed broadband penetration

Akamai’s back with yet another snapshot of the state of the internet and, surprise surprise, it’s reporting that DDoS attacks were up threefold last year versus 2011. That stat’s just one slice of the sprawling cybersecurity picture painted by the company, which also ranks China as the foremost perpetrator of “observed attack traffic” in Q4 2012, numbering that country’s share at 41 percent. To put that into better perspective, consider that the number two and three offenders — the U.S. and Turkey, respectively — are responsible for a shared 15 percent of that traffic, while former Cold War enemy Russia accounts for just 4.3 percent. On a continent-by-continent basis, the majority of these attacks originated in the Asia Pacific / Oceania region (about 56 percent), with North and South America accounting for 18 percent.

On a much lighter note, global high-speed broadband adoption (defined as any speed equal or greater than 10Mbps) grew by 2.7 percent last quarter, with top honors going to South Korea where nearly half the population enjoys super fast internet access. For the mobile flipside, Akamai found that average global speeds hovered between 8Mbps to 345kbps down, with peak downlink speeds coming in at 44Mbps to 2.7Mbps. The bulk of mobile data requests sent to Akamai’s platform saw Android’s Webkit browser and Apple’s Mobile Safari come in nearly neck-and-neck at 35.3 percent and 32.6 percent. Although when you expand that to overall network traffic, Safari reigns supreme with a 58.7 percent share. If you’re keen to digest even more of these sobering statistics, we recommend you hit up the source for the full executive summary and even more infographics.

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Source: Akamai

Reference source: Engadget


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